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Workshop:    Move Strong-Train Strong


When:           TBD


Amount:        $149     Walk up at Door:   $175

Where:          Train Strong Gym

                      377 Old Mill Rd Ste R  

                      Cartersville Ga 30120


Contact:        Beth Andrews 678-773-7290

                      Russell Andrews 678-232-8251


Why:              Would you like to move better and more efficiently? Would you like to know how to correct dysfunctional movement patterns? Would you like to increase joint mobility in your shoulders, hips, and ankles? Would you like to increase core stability and increase overall body strength? 

It you are a Trainer, would you like to better evaluate movement assessments on your Clients? And then know how to correct what you're evaluating? Would you like to learn exercises and drills to improve your clients movements?


If so, then this workshop is for you. Why is it important to attend this? 


Learn ow to assess movement patterns in the shoulders, hips, and ankles. Learn the soft tissue connections that are involved in dysfunctional patterns. Learn how to release fascial tension and muscle tension. Learn how to engage and strengthen core stability.  Learn some unique corrective exercises and corrective drills that increase joint mobility and strengthen movement patterns. Learn how to program these techniques into your routine or use them when training clients.


Sound good? If so, we would love for you to attend. Click this link to sign up. Don't miss this opportunity.





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